Val and Gordon's Story

We have been clients of F1RST Financial Services for may years and have always been extremely pleased with their services. When we required a mortgage back in 2006, Briony obtained one for us at a very favourable interest rate for the term of the mortgage. We both worked for the same company and when they announced they were stopping the final salary pension scheme, we immediately turned to Tony at F1RST Financial Services for advice. He was able to explain the alternatives to us in a way we understood and without his advice would probably have left our pensions where they were. We decided to transfer our pensions into a drawdown scheme, the death benefits alone far outweigh those with the company scheme. We have now retired and have much more control over our pensions and we enjoy a good monthly income while our capital has remained virtually the same. We also have ISAs invested and they have performed very well indeed giving us peace of mind for minimal risk.