Vicky's Story

"When I was asked by Tony to tell my story I was only too pleased to take this opportunity and share how First Financial Services have helped me. I was with my partner for 34 years; he was an accountant and looked after our finances, which he managed very well. I kept saying I need to know about where our money was and how he managed it; I didn't want to be left like a lot of women "not knowing". His reply was that I had no need to worry about it as he was here to look after things and hopefully there were many years ahead of us. However, seven years ago after a short illness he died and I found I was left on my own, unsure where to turn and I was left exactly "not knowing". Dealing with his unexpected death, the funeral and the will was hard enough, physically, emotionally and in practical terms of getting my head around what I needed to sort out. I felt completely at sea. Tony was my life raft, I was introduced by a friend and since day one Tony has been brilliant. He came and spoke to me in plain language, no jargon, totally upfront and transparent, and he suggested what he thought was the best plan for me to move forwards. He gave me time to understand it and returned whenever I needed guidance. I was so grateful for his expertise and recommendation during what was an incredibly tough time; First Financial Services took away a lot of pressure and I felt very secure with Tony's advice. I still do."